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Nadine Sahm is a Fashion and Communication Designer, Bespoke Tailor and Artist born and based in Germany. Graduates in fashion and communication in 2014 at Design Department DUEsseldorf, Akademie fur Mode und Kommunikation and starts working as a fashion designer and bespoke tailor for different jobs and customers. Before this, Nadine Sahm interned at the design studio of Anne Sofie Madsen, working on the collection and communication part of the label ASM in Copenhagen, Denmark.


In 2013, Through Styling Workshops with Tabassom Charaf and Louise Amstrup she learned components to feature the composition of a collection to style and to perform the collection and get the form of the thought to express.

June 7th, 2014, Nadine Sahm presents her collection "The Real Phony" as a Fashion Newcomerin and local designer at the cologne festival Le Bloc. Blocwalks fashion show and exhibition at Hallmackenreuther Le Bloc Event, COLOGNE

2014, Room Installation next to the graduate collection "The Real Phony" at Ballhaus NorDpark, DUEsseldorf

February 2015, Nadine Sahm designed the Costume for the short movie "399" by Sophia Magdalena Koegl and Robert Dziabel, Director of Photography: Kristian Leschner. The film premiere played at the Rundgang 2015, Kunstakademie DUEsseldorf. 2016, The movie is in the official selection for the Berlin Independent Film Festival.

2014 and 2013, Nadine Sahm worked at Atelier Prada, DUEsseldorf. Made to Measure work and customer fitting. The following years work experience as a freelance designer, bespoke tailor and made-to-measure-specialist in different areas. She becomes a self-trained Designer and launches her Nadine Sahm label.

From the first collection on, art, performance, images, atmosphere, music and words have a substantial role in the whole idea, summing up, or rather dissolve the kind of the Nadine Sahm sentiments. Always at the core of her inner universe.

Her ambition is to create the complexity around fashion, bonded to everything with a strong impact, without taking fashion too serious.

Mesmerized by abstract trains of thoughts, drawn by the point where fashion replacing the body with something abstract, that straddle between fanciful tales and a serious straightforward design. To produce surreal and challenging garments and at the same time wearable is a role in which she flourished. She conveys such intricacies through her designs and artwork. She experiments with shape and color, creating fluidity through structure and detail.

A play between colors and materials, constructed and draped silhouettes is a recurring characteristic in her designs, strongly interpreted through interdisciplinary and conceptional work with a zeitgeist for design and art, for the now and tomorrow. Essential as the clothes themselves are attitudes, moods and statements about independence and individuality.

Reality is not a fact.

OBJECTIVE A challenging and creative job in design in an international adventured environment.
She graduated successfully in March 2014 October 2010 - March 2014 Design Department - Akademie fuer Mode und Kommunikation DUEsseldorf, Germany, March 7th, 2014 Graduate in fashion AND communication design

The studies focused in fashion and communication design, developing of patterns, textiles and garments, illustration, sketching, moulage and draping, pattern making and confection of garments, conceptional work, photography and fashion clips

2012, Nadine Sahm did an internship at the Anne Sofie Madsen Studio, Copenhagen as Design Assistant in fashion and communication design, part of the creative studio for trend visions and create the collection.

February 2012, Intermediate examination fashion AND communication had eben successfully completed with the collection Upward- Und aus der Stadt entpringt ein Fluss aus Schatten in February 2012 Design Department DUEsseldorf - Akademie fuer Mode und Kommunikation.

2011 Knitting Workshop with Hilde Frunt This great woman enabled her to learn different knit and crochet techniques, manuel and machine knitting.

2010 State-Certified Bespoke Tailor education, specializing for womens wear

August 2008 - July 2010 State-Certified bespoke tailor education Graduated after two years instead of three.

OTHER SKILLS Conceptual Design, Trend Visions, Moulage and Draping 3D, Pattern Maker and Construction 2D, Knitting, Screen Printing and Print Design, Hatter, Accessoire Design, Drawing and Sketching, Illustration, CS Adobe Programs (PS, ID, AI, PR), Microsoft Office, HTML (Basics), Running and Yoga, Traveling, Theatre, Analog Photography

LANGUAGES German mother tongue, English fluent, French basics